Searching For Real Estate In Nashville? Here’s What To Look For

Posted by Jenny Nichols // August 9, 2017

If you’re about to start searching for real estate in Nashville and aren’t quite sure where to begin, take a moment and breathe! The hunt for a new home can always feel a little stressful at first, but if you keep in mind a few helpful tips then the experience can be a lot more […]

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Looking At Houses In Nashville? Welcome To The Neighborhood

Posted by Jenny Nichols // June 28, 2017

It seems that every area of the country has their own stereotyped image about what it’s like to live there, so if you’re looking for houses in Nashville, you might think everyone is a cowboy right? People often have an image of Nashville being all about country music and if you don’t go to church […]

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Mixing Education And Homes For Sale: Nashville’s Appeal For College Students

Posted by Jenny Nichols // June 21, 2017

Whether you have high school aged children or you’re looking to go back to school yourself while also browsing homes for sale, Nashville is the place to be. Making a move to a new area can be difficult on its own, and throwing school into the mix is an added, yet doable, challenge. If you’re […]

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Looking For Homes For Sale Near Nashville, TN? Here’s Where To Start

Posted by Jenny Nichols // June 14, 2017

When you’re looking for homes for sale near Nashville, TN it can be tempting to get ahead of yourself and get your heart set on a dream home. While it’s great to create a wish list and get your priorities in order, it can be possible to get too far ahead of yourself in the […]

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New Homes Near Nashville, TN – Why The Suburbs Are Ideal

Posted by Jenny Nichols // June 7, 2017

Living in a big city can bring some drawbacks, so looking for new homes near Nashville, TN makes a lot of sense for a savvy home buyer. Sometimes the suburbs get a bad reputation, but in truth, they offer so many advantages that Nashville proper just couldn’t give you. Let’s dive right in and see […]

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Hipster Alert! Why You Should Look At Homes For Sale In West Nashville, TN

Posted by Jenny Nichols // May 31, 2017

Calling all hip millennials who are relocating to the South – if you’re looking to buy, look no further at the homes for sale in West Nashville, TN. Often referred to as the hipster area of Nashville, this neighborhood offers great houses and a modern, youthful vibe. A suburb of Nashville proper, West Nashville is […]

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Myths About New Homes – Nashville, TN Version

Posted by Jenny Nichols // May 24, 2017

There are always myths floating around in the real estate market, so today we’re going to uncover some of the misconceptions about new homes – Nashville, TN style! Depending on who you talk to, you’ll find some people who are very much against the idea of a new home. Maybe they’ve had a bad experience […]

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Real Estate In Nashville, TN: Houses For Sale Get High Tech

Posted by Jenny Nichols // May 17, 2017

If you’ve been looking to move to Nashville, TN, houses for sale here might all seem the same. This perspective can be even more daunting for those trying to sell their home. How do you get your property to stand out? You know your house is incredible, but what kinds of tools are available to […]

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How To Handle Unprecidented Changes In Nashville Housing

Posted by Jenny Nichols // May 10, 2017

Anyone looking to move to the area knows that Nashville housing is becoming quite the hot commodity these days. Whether it’s new condos and work/live spaces being erected at a record pace, or the price per square foot of a single-family home skyrocketing, Nashville hasn’t seen growth like this in a long time. If you’re […]

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Investing In Houses? Nashville, TN Has You Covered

Posted by Jenny Nichols // May 3, 2017

For those with savvy business minds who like to invest in houses, Nashville, TN is the place to purchase! While home values have been increasing throughout the country, Music City has seen a higher than average amount of real estate potential. If you’re interested in beginning your portfolio or are already a seasoned expert, here […]

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