Nashville, TN: Houses For Sale Bring People From Around The World

Nashville, TN: Houses For Sale Bring People From Around The World

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There are certain places across the country that seem to draw a lot of people, but in Nashville, TN, houses for sale are what’s creating a trend toward Southern relocation. In an area of the country that’s often been thought of as extremely conservative and only into country music, Tennessee’s capital is finding that more and more people are drawn to this hub of urban activity.


All About Growth

It’s no secret that the real estate market in Nashville is absolutely skyrocketing – popular real estate websites show over 3500 current listings for sale in the city and its surrounding suburban areas. But home sales don’t always translate into growth right? Home purchases might only occur by people who already live in the area, but Nashville tells a different story.

Data has shown that the number of people moving to the area is enormous, with a sharply increasing population year after year. In 2016, estimates demonstrated that almost 100 people moved to Nashville every single day!


Real Estate And Cultural Effects

What’s interesting to note is that while tons of people are moving to Nashville, TN, houses for sale aren’t priced at outrageous figures to take advantage of the influx of buyers. In fact, home prices in the area are often right around the national average, meaning that for under $200,000 you can own a nice home!

Since so many people are coming to the area from various parts of the country, and the world for that matter, it’s really causing an amazing revolution in our own neighborhoods. Nashville is becoming increasingly diverse and seems to be moving outside of its stereotypical vibes.

Yes, country music is still a love for many people here, but you’ll also find your fair share of jazz, rock, hip hop, and other niche genres sprinkled all throughout the downtown area. Rather than seeing residents in cowboy boots, Nashville is home to trendy boutiques, large thrift store events, and vintage garb.


What Can You Expect?

Many homes in Nashville bring a bit of old school appeal, whether it has some Victorian elements or it’s a classic sprawling ranch style from the 1950’s. You’ll find that hardwood floors are often restored to their original glory, and exterior paint colors are neutral and pleasing.

In the downtown area, Nashville is really stepping up its game with urban living spaces that work well for professionals who want to be close to it all. There’s a lot of modern loft spaces that are great for a single person or a couple, and they are steps away from coffee shops, music venues, and more.

If you’re excited to move to the Nashville area, give Hōmage Properties a call to find out how we can help. We’re experts in the real estate industry and can help with the purchase of a new home or guide you toward some exceptional investment opportunities. If you have more questions about how we can help, visit our FAQ section to learn about the team and how we’ve been serving those in Nashville for years!

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