Searching For Homes For Sale? East Nashville Is Where It’s At

Searching For Homes For Sale? East Nashville Is Where It’s At

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Amongst Tennessee’s plethora of homes for sale, East Nashville is one of the more common areas that might come up in any real estate search. As an area that used to be filled with crime and wasn’t nearly as desirable as it is now, this section of Nashville offers some amazing things for just about every homeowner.


Do You Like To Eat?

One of the more appealing aspects of the East Nashville neighborhood has got to be the amazing restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. If you like having a lot of options when you eat out, you’ll be pleased to find vegetarian and vegan spots, burger places, and bakeries galore!

Cafés line the beautiful streets, just beckoning you to stop in on your way to work and enjoy a hot drink and a fresh pastry. Those who are more into nightlife will find great bars and places to dine late into the night.


How About The Homes?

Obviously, if you’re looking at homes for sale, East Nashville might be your new neighborhood, so it’s important to know about the real estate market here. Since this part of town is considered to be very up and coming, home prices are reflecting that shift.

Costs aren’t out of control by any means, but many smart investors have taken the opportunity to purchase once run down homes and flip them into beautiful pieces of property. While many homes in the greater Nashville area are under the national average price, you’ll find East Nashville to be a bit more expensive.

Single family homes are priced anywhere from $300,000 to $400,000 on average, yet these homes are spacious and many have been meticulously updated to offer amazing kitchens, new fixtures, and fresh paint.


Places To Go And Things To Do

East Nashville is more than just a neighborhood with great places to eat – it’s become a community of people who enjoy a variety of hobbies and activities. You’ll find great music shops, small venues to see local bands, and eclectic retailers that offer just about everything.

The vibe of this area is youthful and fun, filled with people who want to live their dreams as entrepreneurs and who value the small things in life that make up each day. Individuals who want to make connections and live in a part of the city that has a hometown feel will love East Nashville.


So You’re Going To Move Here!

If you’re convinced that East Nashville is right for you, what next? Those who already live in the Nashville area will have a chance to drive around and find properties that might be their next dream home.

But if you don’t live in Tennessee and still want to take steps toward moving here, contact the team at Hōmage Properties today! Our real estate experts have experience in the Nashville housing market and we can help guide you to the property you’re looking for.

Give us a call today to get started on finding your new East Nashville dream home!

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